1 Word That Immediately Kills Your Credibility

Originally posted on TIME:

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I have watched more salespeople and companies pitch their ideas over the years than I care to count. And during thousands of interviews with consumers about how they use different products and services and respond to marketing messages, I have honed the craft of ferreting out telltale signs of lies and omissions.

From that experience, I am going to let you in on a little secret about a word you should stop using immediately.

It is “actually.”

For the experienced listener, “actually” is a dead giveaway of an area that at the least needs to be further investigated, and may point at a deception.

Let me explain. When you use the word “actually” properly, you are comparing two thoughts and providing clarification.

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ProFootballTalk: Gruden won’t rule out Cousins keeping job over a healthy RG3

From NBC Sports Talk for Android:

Gruden won’t rule out Cousins keeping job over a healthy RG3

Fantasy football: Keep an eye on Jordan Matthews on Monday night

Originally posted on SiriusXM Blog:

Even if Monday Night’s game between the Philadelphia Eagles and Indianapolis Colts doesn’t feature anybody on your current fantasy football roster, there is one player you may want to keep an eye on: Jordan Matthews.

Matthews, the Eagles’ second round pick in the 2014 NFL Draft, was quiet Week 1, finishing with two catches on four targets for 37 yards. SiriusXM Fantasy Sports Radio’s Matt Camp and Joe Dolan are playing the long game with Matthews, though, ranking him favorably with wide receivers such as St. Louis Rams wide receiver Brian Quick and Houston Texans wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins.

Highlights of the analysis from Camp and Dolan:

  • “If I’m looking to the future, I wanna pick up Jordan Matthews.”
  • “Say what you will about depth charts and all that; officially, Jordan Matthews was promoted this week.”
  • “People would be going absolutely nuts for Jordan Matthews on the waiver…

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Making Fantasy Football a Reality

Originally posted on areadinglife.com:

I was a huge Kansas City Chiefs fan as a kid, and there are three big reasons why:

1. I lived in St. Louis between the time the Cardinals left for Arizona and when the Rams moved there in 1995. I had to look outside my city for some TDs.
2. Eventually, Joe Montana moved from the 49ers to the Chiefs. Swoon!
3. A boy I had a huge crush on wore a KC Chiefs jacket and so, really, I never stood a chance.

winning fantasy football stephen noverI’d watch games on the weekend on an old black-and-white television I was lucky enough to have in my room. I’d stay up late to watch the scores on TV whenever a game wasn’t televised. I’d try to talk to friends or family about the Chiefs but aside from my crush-worthy dreamboat, who I couldn’t approach due to my nerves and shyness, no one was interested. No one seemed…

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Top 5: If You’re A Fan Of Any Of These Five Teams, It’s Time To Panic

Originally posted on CBS Atlanta:

5. Washington Redskins

Robert Griffin III took the league by storm two years ago and put up a phenomenal rookie campaign, leading his team to a division title. Last year, he was injured and ineffective, and it seems to have carried over to 2014. Yes, Kirk Cousins relieved RGIII and did an admirable job, but it was possibly against one of the worst teams in the league in the Jaguars. DeSean Jackson is banged up as well after coming over from the Eagles, and the defense has played just OK so far, which is an upgrade from the poor play they displayed a season ago.

4. New York Giants

Eli Manning and Tom Coughlin have won two Super Bowls together, both in spectactular fashion over the New England Patriots. It seems their run is coming to a tragic end. Yes, Eli should keep putting numbers up because it’s a QB…

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You’re Not My Favorite: Twitter Experiments with Infiltrating Your Feed

Originally posted on @Margafret :

Gladiator, 2000. Scott Free Productions/Red Wagon Entertainment. Distributed byDreamWorks.

Twitter is the headquarters of the control freakIt’s a social network for those who want everlasting control over what they see and from whom they see it. It’s the social network for those who want to bless people by following their digital auras, depending on if they prefer ethos (power Twitter), pathos (animal pictures / rage Twitter), or logos (wonk Twitter).

“Social sharing is a popular but controversial way to measure the value of information itself.” – Me, explaining why people share on Twitter, These Tiny Gutenbergs, Part Two

Twitter is experimenting with a new feed function to rip this god-like control out of your pure, innocent, OCD-hands, in favor of showing you content only tangentially related to who you follow.

Encouraging rogue tweets to infiltrate your feed is a great thing because Twitter has a huge problem we should all care about: community silos which are based on groupthink or industry, and…

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Fantasy Football is No Longer a Boys’ Club

Originally posted on The Scoop Sports:

Hey Guys! Newsflash: Fantasy Football isn’t just for you dudes anymore. In 2013, over 6 million females were among the legions playing fantasy football.

That’s right. Women were in YOUR fantasy football leagues, fellas, with team names like Victorious Secret, Brady’s Baby or Cleats and Cleavage. AND I bet some of you even got your asses handed to you by a woman or two. WHO knew? Have you recovered from it yet?

MVP Sports Channel

MVP Sports Channel

So, dudes, you may now be asking yourselves, “Is nothing sacred? Why can’t I just go to my draft party with the bros and not have to worry about some chick out-strategizing me by getting the stud RB I want? And for the love of all that is holy and sacred on a Sunday, two minutes before kickoff, why MUST my significant other be adding and dropping WRs and trolling for the ‘it’…

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How to Teach a Young Introvert

Originally posted on ideas.ted.com:

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What should we do with the quiet kids? A conversation with Susan Cain on the future of classroom education.

Susan Cain sticks up for the introverts of the world. In the U.S., where one third to one half the population identifies as introverts, that means sticking up for a lot of people. Some of them might be data engineers overwhelmed by the noise of an open-floor-plan office. Others might be lawyers turning 30, whose friends shame them for not wanting a big birthday bash. But Cain particularly feels for one group of introverts: the quiet kids in a classroom.

Cain remembers a childhood full of moments when she was urged by teachers and peers to be more outgoing and social — when that simply wasn’t in her nature. Our most important institutions, like schools and workplaces, are designed for extroverts, says Cain in her TED Talk. [Watch: The power of…

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The Meaning of Happiness Changes Over Your Lifetime

Originally posted on Center for Advanced Hindsight:

Swinging Happiness for BlogThe following is a scientific and personal article written by CAH member Troy Campbell about happiness.

One lovely afternoon, I began chatting to my grandpa. I was completely unaware he was about to say something that would change my view of happiness forever.

In the middle of our conversation, I felt a lull so I pulled out the classic question. “If you could have dinner with one person, living or dead, who would it be?” I couldn’t wait to talk about my long list of dead presidents, dead Beatles, dead scientists, and a really cute living movie star. But I was also really eager to hear what he’d say.

Then he simply answered, “My wife.”

I immediately assured him it’s not necessary for him to answer like that. We all knew he loves his wife, whom he eats dinner with every night and was currently over in the other room…

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Rutgers apologizes to Penn State for ‘inappropriate, offensive’ fans

Originally posted on CollegeFootballTalk:

It appears some of the Rutgers denizens in Piscataway took the “rivalry” aspect of the game against Penn State a little bit too far for the administration’s liking.

In a statement credited to Julie Hermann and sent out Monday morning, the RU athletic director apologized for what she described as the “inappropriate and offensive” signs made and t-shirts worn by Scarlet Knight fans before and during the primetime affair Saturday night. That game marked RU’s first-ever game a against a Big Ten team as a member of that conference, and a record crowd of 53,774 were on hand to witness it. And the debauchery.

Suffice to say, most of what Hermann deemed “inappropriate and offensive” alluded to the Jerry Sandusky child sex abuse scandal of nearly three years ago.

One of the more salacious photos — we’ll link to it HERE but won’t post it on CFT — shows a…

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