How to Get People to Like You: 7 Ways From an FBI Behavior Expert


Meeting new people can be awkward. What should you say? How can you make a good impression? How do you keep a conversation going?

Research shows relationships are vital to happiness and networking is the key to getting jobs and building a fulfilling career.

But what’s the best way to build rapport and create trust? Plain and simple, who can explain how to get people to like you?

Robin Dreeke can.

Robin was head of the FBI’s Behavioral Analysis Program and has studied interpersonal relations for over 27 years.

He is the author of the excellent book, It’s Not All About “Me”: The Top Ten Techniques for Building Quick Rapport with Anyone.

I gave Robin a call to get some answers. (Note that Robin is not speaking for the FBI here, these are his expert insights.)

You’re going to learn:

  1. The #1 secret to clicking…

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7 CEOs Whose Religion Will Surprise You


When Apple CEO Tim Cook recently announced he is gay, he wrote, “I consider being gay among the greatest gifts God has given me.” Cook is not forthcoming beyond that statement about his religious beliefs, probably because people have strong opinions about how appropriate it is for executives to discuss their personal beliefs.

Most CEOs, in fact, keep their faith squarely out of the workplace, according to Andrew Wicks, a professor of business administration at the University of Virginia’s Darden School of Business. “They specifically hide their religious faith, precisely because they fear people making a big deal out of their religious views,” said Wicks, who teaches a course called “Faith, Religion, and Responsible Decision Making.”

But Wicks says being open about faith is actually important because it is a powerful aspect of how business leaders define themselves.

These 7 executives don’t all share the same religious convictions – but…

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2015 NFL Mock Draft: Marcus Mariota or Jameis Winston First QB?

The Big Lead

A 2015 NFL Mock Draft even though the actual draft is over five months away? But you don’t even know who is in the NFL playoffs. You don’t know who will declare. You don’t know who will get arrested/give up football/injured. Which is why this is just a guide, like the way-too-early Mock Draft in May was.

1. Oakland (0-9)Leonard Williams, DT, USC. The Raiders like QB Derek Carr (but will new management?). Williams immediately helps a DL that is last in the NFL in sacks (8) and giving up 130 rushing yards a game.

2. Jacksonville (1-9) – Cedric Ogbuehi, OT, Texas A&M. Operation protect Blake Bortles. He’s been sacked 23 times in eight games and has thrown an NFL-high 14 INTs.

3. Tampa Bay (1-8) – Jameis Winston, QB, Florida State. Lovie Smith may want to rebuild the OL or get some help for his…

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Spurs rest stars in Houston | Hang Time Blog

[nba-video vid=games/spurs/2014/11/05/]
VIDEO:Spurs edge Hawks on Wednesday

HANG TIME NEW JERSEY — We’re just 10 days into the season, but the San Antonio Spurs’ maintanence program has begun.

The Spurs announced Thursday afternoon that Marco Belinelli, Tim Duncan, Manu Ginobili, Patty Mills and Tiago Splitter will not play in Houston in the first game of TNT’s double-header (8 ET).

Belinelli left Wednesday’s win over the Hawks with a groin injury. Splitter played in his first game on Wednesday, but reinjured his right calf. Mills is recovering from shoulder surgery and isn’t expected back until at least January.

Duncan and Ginobili are healthy, but they are just getting their first night off of the young season as their team plays its first back-to-back. Of course, it’s not the first time that Spurs coach Gregg Popovich has rested healthy stars for a national TV game.

This could have…

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What happens to Michael Sam after being cut by the Dallas Cowboys?

USA TODAY Sports Wire

The Cowboys have released Michael Sam from the practice squad. (AP Photo/LM Otero) The Cowboys have released Michael Sam from the practice squad. (AP Photo/LM Otero)

There are no guarantees for NFL practice squad players – not even Michael Sam, who’s out of a job for the second time in less than two months.

The Dallas Cowboys waived Sam off their practice squad Tuesday and signed linebacker Troy Davis to take his place in a move that would have blended in with hundreds of other like transactions if it didn’t involve the NFL’s first openly gay player.

Story: Cowboys release Michael Sam

Life on the practice squad isn’t easy: Run other teams’ plays with the scout team. Take your punishment from the starters. Collect your roughly $6,300 paycheck and hope there’s another one the next week, along with another chance to catch the coach or GM’s eye.

Lose your spot and it could be a day, a week, a month or longer until…

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15 Best Netflix TV Shows for Binge-Watching

The Net-list


I know finding something good to watch on Netflix can be a daunting task at times but lucky for you – I’ve had plenty of free time on my hands to sift through the garbage for you. With a husband in the military working long hours and being sent away for months at a time, I’ve become something of an expert at TV show binge-watching. The key is to stick it out at least the first three episodes before you decide if you’re interested or not. Sometimes it takes awhile to get hooked, but once you are, there’s no turning back. Sometimes living under a rock isn’t so bad.

Warning: This may take over your life a little.

1. One Tree Hill – (All 9 seasons on Netflix)

Screen Shot 2014-10-07 at 9.59.55 AM

This is one of those shows that I wish I could go back to the beginning and watch it all over again…

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